Editing Video.

Hey guys! This week we are working on the assignment: Editing Video.

In this assignment, we are using Screencast-O-Matic¬†which is a free online screen share for instant screen capture. Allowing to view not only what you see on the screen, but also, your voice recording too. You can even add in video/webcam of yourself to record to go on a more personal level to your viewers. I chose not to do that. ūüėČ

Using two e-portfolios, I used a default website that was given as one of the choices to our assignment: Andi Banks. Looking even deeper into Google, I found an e-portfolio that certainly caught my eyes. The second portfolio choice I used: Zak James. Both very solid layouts. However, I favored James’s a bit more simply because it had more to offer. You will see why in my Screencast using Sony Vegas 12.0 to edit my video. I have not touched Sony Vegas in a while so I thought for this assignment, it gave me a chance to re-familiarize myself with the software.

Using the skills I learned to become an actual screen-caster, I learned that this can make it easier to teach others on how to use a product or anything over the web. I have relatives who are trying to keep up with the current technology but get very impatient and give up on what they are doing. With screen-casting, I can record anything on my screen and show them step by step so that they can find things easier. Not only would I begin to create tutorials for my relatives but also, I could use the skills I learned in screen-casting to make tutorials on the Internet. I know a bit of the Adobe Suite as well as a few Gaming engines that I program with. These could be creative projects I could put together in the near future.

This will most definitely benefit professors, students, YouTubers who solely make tutorials on the Internet, and viewers who are stuck and need step by step help. Hopefully I can start screen-casting more often!

Hoped you enjoyed my screen-cast. ūüôā


Audio Editing.


By We Fly Spitfires.

In this week’s assignment, we used either GarageBand or Audacity to tweak two different songs together using methods of ¬†fading in and out, splicing/slicing, and lining up the audio nicely to fit our assignment. For my audio project, I used Audacity as I am a highly favored PC user (haters gonna hate, hate, hate…) and I use Audacity when making sound effects for games that I create and use it to record music on my spare time. It was easy to use as I use it whenever I need to record or edit sound. I do not have a Mac so GarageBand was out of the question.

As requested, using two songs of my choice, I put them together by splicing them in sections of each song. With these two 15 to 20 second cuts in between them, I faded one out then another one in to make the songs end and begin smoothly. In between both songs I recorded my voice very briefly. Nothing too much for the listener. Just an audio sample of who I am by introducing myself to the listeners.

Here is the audio saved as an mp3 and uploaded to SoundCloud:

Regarding the songs, I knew we were going to run into some copyright issues. In my past experience with audio editing, I have used mainstream beats before and have uploaded them to both YouTube and SoundCloud. When it comes to breaking copyright, the programs finds and detects audio very fast and can take them down immediately because it knows you do not own the rights to the sound piece.

To bypass this issue, I took underground beats that I found appealing to my taste. The first song in particular has a dub-step feel and the second song has a hiphop-esque flow created by Scooter Beatz on SoundClick. Click the link to check out more of his stuff! He is a very good producer.

By Berkeley Journalism.

By Berkeley Journalism.

Moreover, I used my Razer Kraken headset to deliver my voice recording to the track. It is fairly simple to sync in your voice to the track by simply pressing the record button on Audacity. There were no problems there whatsoever. I did a few tweaks to my voice but nothing too overwhelming for me or the listeners on WordPress (a.k.a. my classmates).

All in all, I enjoyed messing around with Audacity once more. I learned how to use the fading in and out method a bit better than I did before. This class assignment also gave me a chance to play with the many effects that Audacity has to offer. If you are a PC user wanting to create some audio recordings, I definitely recommend Audacity for its easy to use, simplicity, and uncomplicated aesthetics. See you soon!

Image Editing.

Our textbook

When we use the Internet, we see all over social media that people are modifying images and content for entertainment called memes. These memes are constantly viewed by millions of users. What are Internet memes? As Coleman writes in Phreaks, Hackers, and Trolls she suggests that, “Internet memes are viral images, videos, and catchphrases under constant modification by users, and with a propensity to travel as fast as the Internet can move them.” (109)

In our image editing assignment, we are participating in the meme community, so to speak. For example, I have put together 3 different images that I took from 3 different websites entirely and created one image that tells a story.

Photoshop editing

Photoshop editing

At first, I started to think about what I wanted to have on my header to portray who I am to my¬†audience. I love the beach and I love being by the waves, surfing or not. I chose a sunset with a salmon-color background to consolidate¬†the layout I have¬†chosen from WordPress. Moreover, I took the image in¬†Photoshop which I am very comfortable with. Pixlr is the recommended software to use in the class but I find Photoshop to give a little more options overall for editing. Tweaking the color of the background, I chose a mixture of a salmon, yellow, and black shadows for the background. Next, I wanted to add in one of my favorite animals, the wolf, on the surfer’s head. Cropped and transformed so that it looks like the surfer is howling at the ocean. Finally, I wanted to tell a story so I added in a cloud bubble with a human surfer.

by Wikipedia

When you look at my header, do you see a wolf howling at the ocean hoping that the surf will go up so that the wolf can ride the waves? Or do you see a wolf hoping to turn into a human so that he can surf the waves as a human? Do you see something else? You tell me in the comments below!

This was a fun project and I cannot wait to blog more here on WordPress.

Until next time, friends!

No amateur here.

Starting this blog off by saying I am extremely happy to be back into blogging again. I used to be very active on blogging sites such as Xanga (I know that died years ago) and had my own website that I updated my portfolio on as a canvas. I have not paid for the domain name which then expired and with my busy life, I took it down. It is nice to have a reason to blog again.


By Wikipedia.com

I am no amateur when it comes to slapping text on a page. The way I learn through a website and become familiar with it is to click every single button on the screen in curiosity and see what it does. I become very fascinated with new things when it comes to design and allowing yourself to express yourself. As a young child, when the Internet became very popular, I worked on websites like Geocities and Angelifire and slowly taught myself HTML. From then on, I became very interested in code and wanted to learn more.

Working with WordPress so far has been a happy one. Just by simply adding pages and links from the admin panel, you have multiple pages to display. I like the fact that it is really easy to use. No wonder it is one of the top blogging websites right now. WordPress has the ability to allow anyone with little to no skills to ones who have been blogging for years. It is designed to appeal to others aesthetically and keeps it simple to browse on. In the “Blog Design On A Budget” article stated by Ciotti he writes, “A ‚Äúclean‚ÄĚ site is an inviting site that is easy to read, easy to navigate, but that still has some personality.” I agree that as log as it is readable and is browser friendly to others, it will be a successful and appealing website. These are few of the many reasons why I think blogging here is so awesome.


By WordPresswallpaper.com

This website will bring us closely together as a class. In the article, “Where Counterculture Met The New Economy,” Turner writes that we will come to see ourselves as members of a single social network. I feel like this is what our goal is as a class writing our ideas down together on WordPress. As we continue on the semester, I look forward to updating my blogging experience here with you all! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more to come. ūüôā